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Feel Good Stories from HSYC

This guy was an owner surrender to HSYC because his owner didn't have time to spend with him. He went to Texas Cattle Dog Rescue and they saw potential in him as a Search and Rescue dog. He was evaluated and is now a working dog! 

Congratulations to TCDR alum Eddie (FKA Rogan) and his adopter, Stephanie! Ed is the new member of the Travis County Search & Rescue K9 team! He passed his screening with flying colors and is now working toward his certification.

We're not crying, you're crying!

Walter was a young Lab that came to us a stray and was never reclaimed. One day, our evaluators noticed that he had a lot of drive. He was pulled out and tested and found to also have a lot of high energy focus. Evaluators contacted Bob and Karen Deeds and set up a time for Walter to come for a more formal test. Walter showed so much promise he stayed at the Deed's place for some training. Walter ended up going into detection work, for a child with peanut allergies!

Some of our stories have an ugly start. We recently received a call from the Olney PD. A seizure warrant was being issued for 4 dogs left abandoned in a house. When the animals came to the shelter, none looked great, but one, in particular, was very concerning. Mr. Fezziwig could barely stand on his own and couldn't walk. He was emaciated and cold to the touch. He was sent to the vet clinic where his condition could be monitored overnight. His bloodwork showed abnormal readings consistent with long-term starvation. He also had an old eye injury. Once he was evaluated and given fluids, he was put on a refeeding schedule (so as not to be overwhelmed with too much food at once), and started an eye ointment. After being released from the vet, Mr. Fezzi went home with a foster who could monitor his health and feed him the required 6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm and 10pm feedings of prescription dog food and treat his eye injury 3 times daily.


On December 16 we went to court with Chief Birbeck to testify on the animals' behalf. We were rewarded ownership of these 4 dogs! We are happy to report that Mr. Fezziwig is gaining weight and regaining sight in the injured eye. He isn't healthy enough for vaccinations yet, but he is getting stronger daily. Deedee, one of the other dogs in the seizure went in for her spay appointment and it was discovered that she had multiple ovarian cysts which were removed. She was also dealing with some fluid build-up that we are monitoring and may incur more vet bills before she is healthy enough for adoption. The others, Tinsel and Figgy Pudding are still working on gaining some weight before going to their forever homes.

 Honey and Tala came to us after their owner passed away. Tala was found lying with her person after he had passed. A family member tried to take Honey and Tala, but unfortunately her landlord wasn't sympathetic, so to the shelter these girls came. Honey is a happy-go-lucky girl, but Tala is the constant worrier. Of course, shelter life hasn't been easy for her. After being in the shelter since August (it was now December), it became clear that Tala would need to move soon. A massive share campaign began with shelter staff and volunteers sharing photos, videos, and stories of these 2 girls--especially the plight of Tala whose stress level was beginning the get the better of her. Eventually a board member shared these girls to a rescue in Washington--Brave Bully Rescue where a Seattle family read about Tala and thought they would be a good fit. An application was sent in and reviewed, Honey was discussed, lots of discussions back and forth and this family decided these 2 girls are a great fit and we agree. Now for the complicated part--to get these 2 girls on the road to their forever home! Enter HSYC Board President Jaclyn, who burns up the roads transporting animals for the shelter. Jaclyn used her Christmas vacation to drive these 2 girls to meet up with their forever family in Portland, OR--an almost 2,000 mile road trip one way! We were exstatic to have these girls home for the holidays! 


Tala thanks

Jaclyn with

a kiss

Jaclyn with

Honey and Tala

on their

journey home



End of a Journey

Honey and Tala 

meet their 

forever family


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