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   We are an open intake shelter serving Graham, Olney, and Young County. We aim to provide safe haven for the unwanted animals in our community. We provide shelter, food, vaccinations and other preventative care, comfort, enrichment and socialization for the animals in our care. We have 2 cat rooms with outdoor inclosed catio areas and a cat quarantine building to house cats. For dogs we have 24 indoor/outdoor kennels, a 3 kennel intake area and we are currently building on a dog quarantine building. We also have 8 fenced yards for exercise and enrichment for our dogs. Our capacity is 51 cats and 24 dogs though we frequently operate above capacity.

We work with our local Animal Control, Police and Sheriff Departments to house the strays in our area until they can find their home.

We have the P.E.T.S. satellite clinic on site monthly to offer low cost spay and neuter services and affordable vaccinations and other preventative care. Our hope is that one day our community will understand and embrace spay and neuter as the only way out of our overpopulation problem. We cannot adopt or rescue our way out of this issue.

We are a 501c3 non profit organization and we rely on donations from those who care as much as we do to keep the shelter open and operating properly. We can always use volunteers and fosters.


We are currently unable to take in animals from outside Young County. We have been over-whelmed with surrenders and strays in our own county and do not have the space, resources, or manpower to take in those from other areas. 



 74% of our yearly operating budget comes directly from community donations.


         All Animals picked up by the City of Graham Animal Control, City of Graham Police Officers, Young County Sheriff's Officers, and Olney Animal Control are brought to HSYC.


     Animals with no ID tags become the property of HSYC after being held 72 hours (excluding Sundays) and go up for adoption or are available for rescue pending good health and temperament.  Animals with ID become property of HSYC after 5 days (excluding Sundays). Once stray hold time has expired the animal must be adopted through the normal adoption process, which includes turning in an application, having the application approved and paying the adoption fee.


    To reclaim dogs and cats brought in by Graham Animal Control: A $30.00 Pick Up Fee is to be paid at City Hall, before an animal can be reclaimed by the owner. A receipt from City Hall must be brought to the shelter. If citations have been issued by the city animal control, the owner must contact the Animal Control Officer and citations signed before the animal can be reclaimed. There may be additional charges due at HSYC, depending on intake and boarding since the animal came into the shelter.


     To reclaim animals brought in by Olney Animal Control, owners must contact the Olney Police Department to pay registration fees. Proof of current rabies vaccine is required or the owner will have to prepay for a rabies vaccine at a local vet clinic. Owners must then go to City Hall to pay any  fines. These fines increase for repeat offenders. The reciepts are then brought to the shelter before the animal can be released. There may also be intake charges and/or boarding charges at HSYC. This will depend on circumstances. Contact us for more information.


     $15.00 per day boarding fee is charged when the animal enters the gates onto the property.  The animal will be charged on the day they leave unless picked up by 12:00 noon that day (unless prior arrangements have been made with the shelter staff).

     $60-$70 per animal is charged to cover incoming vetting that is provided to keep all animals at the shelter healthy.


     The owner of the animal is the only person who shall claim any City impounded animal. A driver's license will be required and a form must be completed. Proof of ownership in the form of veterinarian records, personal photos, registration information, etc must be provided upon request.

      If the animal is not spayed/neutered a one time re-adopt will be offered with all other fees waived by the Animal Control Officer.


Call: 940-549-1692


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Humane Society of Young County

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Phone: 940-549-1692

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Shelter Hours



Monday, Tuesday,

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  11:00 am - 5:00 pm


 Must have prior appt scheduled-no owner surrenders


Wednesday & Sunday


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