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The Humane Society of Young County (HSYC) is open by  appointment only. You can reach us by email, Facebook/Messenger, or you can call and leave a voicemail or send us a text. We will contact you to schedule an appointment. Meet and Greets are appointment only with approved applications. Our application can be found on the "Adoption" tab above.


You may be wondering why we are appointment only. HSYC originally shut down our walk-ins due to the Covid Pandemic. We soon realized, like many other shelter facilities that moved to appointment only, that our dogs were staying much more settled and relaxed without the constant foot traffic. The stress level of our dogs has remained much lower and this, in turn, means they can handle the kennel life for longer periods of time. By moving to appointments for potential adoptioners, we are keeping our dogs mentally healthier and happier. 


We also found that our dogs don't always put their best paw forward, so to speak, when strangers are coming in and out of the kennel area throughout the day. They are more reactive in their kennels--meaning they are barking loudly and jumping at the gate. The dog you see behind the kennel gate looks nothing like the dog you meet on lead in the office or outside. How sad that many great dogs have been overlooked for adoption just because they didn't show well in their kennels!


So, please bear with us when we insist on an approved application and an appointment for a scheduled meet and greet with our animals! We have their best interest at heart! It also allows us to work with you one on one and be available for questions and  concerns.


Don't forget to support our cause!   Easy ways to support us without even having to come out are listed on this page! Items on our Amazon and Chewy wish lists can be sent directly to us. You can also make monetary donations from any of the links on this page.




*Dry cat food  * Kitty Litter   *Puppy Pads

 *Laundry detergent      *Simple Green (gallon)  *Odoban     *Bleach (no low-splash)

*Kitchen trash bags         *42 gallon (3 MIL) Contractor Bags 

*Kong Wobblers    *cat toys     *small dog treats   

*dryer sheets   *sanitzing/cleaning wipes    

*paper towels/toilet tissue       *Office Supplies (esp copy paper/file folders)

*tough chews, toys, antlers, etc for dogs

*gift cards for medical bills, supplies or gas



And remember to choose Humane Society of Young County as your Round Up Charity through Wal-Mart's Spark Good Program!

We are often asked if the Humane Society is a "No-Kill" shelter. While the short answer is no, we're not, the actual answer needs a bit of an explanation. 


Please read the link below. It does a very good job of explaining what being a "No-Kill" shelter involves and why it's not as great as it sounds.

Pit Bulls & Bully Breeds are the number one most euthanized dog breed in shelters today. Stop breeding these dogs that are destined to become a statistic. Adopt those already awaiting homes in area shelters!

Pitties and Bully Breeds

Some of our sweetest dogs through the shelter are pits/bully breeds and their mixes, yet they are some of our hardest to place. Many adopters aren't looking for this type of dog and rescues who work with these breeds stay full and unable to pull many from shelters. 

We must do better!


The Humane Society of Young County has been helping stray and unwanted animals of Young County, Texas, since 1979. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and rely on donations to keep our doors open. We are dedicated to the welfare of all animals. We are strong advocates of spaying and neutering all pets to reduce the overpopulation problems that we now face. There will never be enough homes available for all the dogs and cats being born today--we cannot adopt or rescue our way out. The only answer to this problem is through spay and neuter. We serve all of Young County are also the reclaim center for Graham Animal Control. We regularly network with rescues to help find homes for our animals. 

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